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    Study Skills Program in East Hanover & Whippany


    We Can Improve Your Child's Study Habits - Skill by Skill!

    Enroll your child in our full study skills program, or customize a program from among the following units of learning.  Our new and improved study skills lessons are approriate for Grades 5-12.

    Remembering Information

    Your child will identify and embrace his learning style. Students will learn chunking, mnemonics, categorization and other successful strategies for remembering information. Once mastered, your child will successfully remember the key information to score well on quizzes, chapter tests, midterms, and final exams.

    Reading Strategies

    Students will learn the following strategies: finding the main idea, locating context clues, and making inferences in novels and textbooks. Other strategies include active reading, color-coding, and post-it note strategy.  These strategies will enhance your child's vocabulary and comprehension skills.

    Math Strategies

    Students will learn computation strategies, the language of mathematics, and word problem strategies.  Other tips include using a graphing calculator and incorporating technology to cut your math homework time in half.

    Writing Strategies

    Students will learn the T-chart Strategy, Idea-Details Strategy, outlining, graphic organizers, pre-writing, thesis statements, and RACE Strategy.  Lesson includes a grammar skills review on run-ons, nouns, tenses, and spelling.

    Organization and Time Management

    Students will practice using different calendars, track missed assignments, create a weekly schedule, and organize their binders and study place.  Students will also learn apps and other technologies to assist in organization and time management.

    Taking Notes from Textbooks

    Students will learn an array of note-taking strategies such as Cornell, SQRW, outlining, mapping, and charting. Once mastered, students can minimize their time taking notes and focus on the most important points of the chapter.

    Taking Notes in Class

    Students will be able to identify signal statements, learn the importance of abbreviations and symbols, and be able to understand and utilize graphic organizers for class and study time. Once mastered, students will be able to write efficient and succinct notes whiling staying focused on what the teacher is saying.

    Preparing for Tests

    Students will learn various strategies for test preparation including the Cornell System and the Five-Day Test Preparation Plan. Students will also practice relaxation techniques in order to reduce stress for important tests and exams. Using these methods, your child will confidently approach test days and be able to control the test rather than have the test control him.

    Test-Taking Strategies

    Students will gain knowledge of test-taking techniques for multiple choice, true-false, short answer, sentence completion, and essay tests. Once mastered, your child will understand how to approach and succeed on chapter tests.

    Strategies for Standardized Testing

    Students will learn strategies for various standardized tests including PARCC, PSAT, SAT, ACT, ISEE, and SSAT.  Lesson includes general strategies such as active reading and color-coding.  Lesson also includes various sample and practice questions.

    Take the first step towards easier homework times. Call 973-593-0050 to consult with one of our education advisors.