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    Feeling Overwhelmed This School Year? Time Management is Key

    It is back to school time.  Some parents love this time of year and others dread it.  Some students love this time of year and others DREAD it.  For some students, there is nothing more exciting than picking out new backpacks, school supplies, and clothes. A new school year is a new start.

    Organization and time management are keys to success during the back to school season.  Even if your child dreads the start of the school year, make sure he or she has the tools necessary to stay organized and focused on schoolwork and homework assignments.

    According to, “The key to teaching your child time management is knowing how long each task should take, according to Katherine Firestone, found of the Fireborn Institute, a nonprofit that focuses on parent training.”  You can put stickers on an analogue clock to show how long each task (or homework assignment) should take.

    We at Think Tutoring also offer our study skills program year round.  Tips and strategies such as color coding a calendar, color coding textbooks and notebooks, active reading, setting timers, and incorporating aspects of technology are just a few strategies that can boost time efficiency for your child.

    However, there are some students that are just so overwhelmed during the beginning of the school year.  At Think Tutoring, we also have certified teachers that can provide homework support for your child.  We can get them ahead in their textbooks and you can now have a child that is confident and motivated to succeed.

    Call Think Tutoring today at 973-593-0050 for more information.  We would love to help your child have a confident school year.


    Back to School Tips for Students

    With a few weeks of summer left, we are somewhat caught between the last days of our relaxing vacations and the hectic scrambling to prepare for another shool year.  Many parents are bogged down with paperwork, school shopping lists, and the impending fall extracurriculr activities.  In addition to parents organizing and preparing, students should be getting ready for a successful school year as well.  Here are some suggestions to start the school year off right:

    1.  Take control of organizing your supplies.  Even though Mom or Dad may be buying your school supplies, you should be making sure that they are put exactly where they need to be.  Notebooks, binders, and folders should be organized according to your specific classes.  Pens, pencils, and other such items should be in a secure pouch where they are easily accessible.

    2.  Get an agenda that works for you.  There are many tasks and assignments to keep track of once school starts.  You need to make sure you have a daily and monthly calander to organize short term and long term events.  Whether it is a paper agenda or an app on your phone, keeping track of your responsibilities is essential.

    3.  Start adjusting your sleep habits a week or two before school starts.  I know we all enjoy sleeping in on summer mornings, but that early alarm is not far away.  A bit at a time, start going to bed a little earlier and waking up a little earlier.  This will help your body get back into the routine of early school mornings and school nights.  Also, start to get back into your school morning routine.  Whether you shower in the morning before school, eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast, or need to plan for other siblings getting ready for school as well, start to get back into these habits before school starts.

    4.  Make a list of goals for this school year.  Your goals can be academic, social, athletic, or many other kinds.  Maybe you want to make the play this year or maintain a "A" average in most of your classes.  Whatever your goals may be, writing them down and developing strategies to reach these goals will give you a good head start for your successful school year.

    5.  Learn what type of learner you are.  There are many different ways to learn, and everyone is different.  There are three main types of learners:  Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic.  Knowing what type of learner you are can help improve your study habits and help you become a better student.  Each learning type has specific strategies to help make students more effecient in school and improve studying at home.


    Need a little help getting organized for this school year?  Maybe you could use some helpful guidance.  Here at Think Tutoring, we offer a comprehensive Study Skills program.  Our lesson topics include:  Note-Taking, Learning Styles and Memory Aides, Organization, Test Preparation, Test Taking, and more.  Many students benefit from getting a kick start to their school year by reviewing Study Skills strategies.  A prepared student is a successful student.


    Developing your Study Skills: Create a Test Attack Strategy

    Summer is the perfect time to master your study skills.  Without the stress of school work, homework, sports, clubs, and various extra-curricular activities, summertime gives students the opportunity to come up with a test attack strategy.

    5 Strategies to Improve your Test Scores

    1.        Know your Learning Style

    Think Tutoring’s study skills program allows students the opportunity to find out whether they are auditory, kinesthetic, or visual learners.  When you have found out your learning style, you can create a more effective study session.

     2.       Create a Homework and Study Schedule

    Managing your time is necessary to improve your test scores.  Cramming is the worst thing a student can do before an exam.  Creating a 5 day test preparation plan is your ticket to success.

    3.       Learn the Cornell System of Note-taking

    If it takes you three hours to create flashcards for a test, then you are wasting your time.  Your teacher will not care if you have a stack of flashcards ready before the exam.  Your teacher wants to see if you have mastered the content.  The Cornell System of Note-taking allows you to make instant flashcards with your notes and actively study.

    4.       Use Technology to your Advantage

    Websites and apps such as Facebook and Twitter are designed to waste a student’s time.  However, apps such as Quizlet, Evernote, and EasyStudy can help you to organize your time and create an effective study strategy.

     5.       Use a Mind Map

    The day of the test has arrived and you are anxious.  Create a mind map.  It is one page of making categories and linking the information together.  If you can do this before an exam, then take a deep breath.  You got this!

    Think Tutoring offers both study skills workshops and customized study skills sessions.  Summer is the perfect time to work on remembering information, organization, time management, note-taking, and test-taking strategies.  Call 973-593-0050 for more information.  We would love to help!


    New Summer ACT Test Date Offered. Summer is the Best time to Prep.

    ACT will now be offering a July test date for the 2017-2018 school year.  The summer ACT is currently scheduled for July 14, 2018.  This is very interesting noting that College Board just recently announced their August 26th summer SAT.  Is this a coincidence?

    According to Education Week, "ACT's Chief Commercial Officer, Suzana Delanghe, said in a statement that the additional test date was added in response to feedback from students, teachers, and colleges, who 'told us they would like to see an extra test date prior to early admission and application deadlines.' She also said the summer date would help students "focus on their coursework" during the school year without having to worry about preparing for a college-entrance exam." Education Week also stated that "Paul Weeks, ACT's senior vice president for client relations, said that in surveying students and families, the company found that all students—not just early-admissions college applicants—wanted a wider variety of testing opportunties."

    At Think Tutoring, we have many students needing the summer time to prep.  School year demands such as homework, AP exams, extra curricular activities, sports, part-time jobs, and more can be too much for the typical junior.  Now, with both SAT and ACT offering summer exams, summer seems to an even be a BETTER time to prep.

    Think Tutoring is offering Free SAT and ACT practice tests on July 10 and 11 along with summer specials.  Call Think Tutoring at 973-593-0050 for more information.  Better scores are just a phone call away.


    Montville 7th Grader Receives Third Place in National Geographic Bee!


    According to, Veda Bhattaram, a seventh-grader at Lazar Mddle School, took third place in the National Geographic Bee on Wednesday May 17th.  More than 2 Million students entered the competition, but only 54 were invited to Washington DC for the finals.  Bhattaram won the New Jersey title for the second year in a row and was awarded a $10,000 scholarship for his national third place achievement.
    Congratulations Veda!

    Photo published for Do You Know More Geography Than a Fifth Grader?

    It definitely pays off to work hard, be dedicated, and be motivated.  Whether in school or on summer break, it is important to keep your mind fresh and sharp.  Here at Think Tutoring, we offer many summer prgrams including camps, workshops, and Math Jumpstart programs.  Of couse, some fun and relaxation are summer necessities as well.  Our tutoring programs are the perfect match for keeping your summer relaxed and your brain challenged.

    Call Think Tutoring at 973-593-0050 or email us at to set up your summer tutoring.