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    New Summer ACT Test Date Offered. Summer is the Best time to Prep.

    ACT will now be offering a July test date for the 2017-2018 school year.  The summer ACT is currently scheduled for July 14, 2018.  This is very interesting noting that College Board just recently announced their August 26th summer SAT.  Is this a coincidence?

    According to Education Week, "ACT's Chief Commercial Officer, Suzana Delanghe, said in a statement that the additional test date was added in response to feedback from students, teachers, and colleges, who 'told us they would like to see an extra test date prior to early admission and application deadlines.' She also said the summer date would help students "focus on their coursework" during the school year without having to worry about preparing for a college-entrance exam." Education Week also stated that "Paul Weeks, ACT's senior vice president for client relations, said that in surveying students and families, the company found that all students—not just early-admissions college applicants—wanted a wider variety of testing opportunties."

    At Think Tutoring, we have many students needing the summer time to prep.  School year demands such as homework, AP exams, extra curricular activities, sports, part-time jobs, and more can be too much for the typical junior.  Now, with both SAT and ACT offering summer exams, summer seems to an even be a BETTER time to prep.

    Think Tutoring is offering Free SAT and ACT practice tests on July 10 and 11 along with summer specials.  Call Think Tutoring at 973-593-0050 for more information.  Better scores are just a phone call away.


    Montville 7th Grader Receives Third Place in National Geographic Bee!


    According to, Veda Bhattaram, a seventh-grader at Lazar Mddle School, took third place in the National Geographic Bee on Wednesday May 17th.  More than 2 Million students entered the competition, but only 54 were invited to Washington DC for the finals.  Bhattaram won the New Jersey title for the second year in a row and was awarded a $10,000 scholarship for his national third place achievement.
    Congratulations Veda!

    Photo published for Do You Know More Geography Than a Fifth Grader?

    It definitely pays off to work hard, be dedicated, and be motivated.  Whether in school or on summer break, it is important to keep your mind fresh and sharp.  Here at Think Tutoring, we offer many summer prgrams including camps, workshops, and Math Jumpstart programs.  Of couse, some fun and relaxation are summer necessities as well.  Our tutoring programs are the perfect match for keeping your summer relaxed and your brain challenged.

    Call Think Tutoring at 973-593-0050 or email us at to set up your summer tutoring.

    Which College is Right for you? Tutoring and College Planning!

    I see our Junior and Senior students struggling to keep up.  They are exhausted after an arduous day of school, sports, extracurricular activities, and tutoring.  However, our students come to Think Tutoring ready and willing to work.

    Besides SAT and ACT test prep, we offer our parents and students guidance during the college search process. 

    Our first step with any family is to establish SAT and ACT score goals.  In order to do that, we need to know which college is best for your child.

    Five key points to figuring out which college is right for you:

    1. Educate yourself on your school portfolio

    -Make notes of your GPA, PSAT/SAT/ACT scores, extracurricular activities, sports, jobs, etc. (Pre-Planning for College Application)

    -Meet with your guidance counselor to get this information if you do not have it

    -Start thinking about which teachers should write your letters of recommendation

    2. Search colleges online

    -Search college preferences based on GPA, SAT scores, size, major, etc to get a list of schools

    -Search here:

    3. Visit campuses

    -Best time to visit colleges are during spring break and summer

    -Plan to visit during your sophomore and junior year

    -Make sure to call admissions for a tour. Tour guides can answer any questions that you have about the campus.

    -Print out College Board’s checklist

    -Make sure that the college offers all of the majors you are interested in

    -Check out the career development center.  Make sure that the school offer internships within your major.

    4. Apply Early Decision and/or Early Action

    -This is a great idea if you are set on a given college!

    5. Wait on Financial Aid Packages

    -Financial Aid packages usually arrive in March after you have received your acceptance letter.  This may be the final decision maker.  Some schools offer no grants and scholarships.  Other colleges can offer you a full tuition grant.

    Call Think Tutoring at 973-593-0050 for more information.  We can offer help and support for not just test preparation, but also college planning and guidance.



    Morris County High School Student Accepted into all 8 Ivy League Colleges

    Words come to mind such as amazement, wonder, awe, shock, disbelief, and astonishment.  Congratulations to Ifeoma White-Thorpe, a senior at Morris Hills High School in Rockaway, New Jersey. According to CNN, White-Thorpe has been accepted into all eight Ivy League Colleges: Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Dartmouth and Brown.  White-Thorpe doesn’t know which school she will be attending in the fall, but she deserves so much praise.  She achieved her dream.

    Our Junior and Senior students at Think Tutoring are also working on fulfilling their goals as well.  They have high hopes as they prepare for the SAT, ACT, midterms, final exams, PARCC, and Subject II Tests. 

    At Think Tutoring, we offer programs that are designed to reach your child’s goals and dreams.  Give us a call at 973-593-0050 for a free consultation.  Additionally, for spring recess, we are offering free SAT and ACT assessments on April 10th and 11th.  For summer, we are offering free SAT and ACT assessments on July 10th and 11th.

    Again, congratulations to Ifeoma White-Thorpe of Morris County, NJ.  We wish you nothing but the best as you choose the college of your dreams.


    New Summer SAT Test Date Announced by College Board

    Times are changing! College Board has announced that there will be a summer SAT test date for 2017.  Students will have an extra testing opportunity on August 26th.  This leads to many questions, such as opening schools early, air conditioning, cleaning classrooms, etc.   However, this bodes well for many juniors and seniors. 

    Here is a list of the three main advantages for high school students.

    1.   Early Decision/Early Action: The August SAT allows seniors one more test date that can be applied to early decision and early action applications. Yay! According to the Atlantic, “Students will now have two shots at the SAT in their senior year before early-application deadlines, and College Board will no longer have to deal with the annual headaches caused by the January exam.

    2.   Free of School Demands: I hear it every day at Think Tutoring. “Ms. Kim, my schedule is too overwhelming…I’m so tired.” My students tell me all of the demands of their junior year.  Demands include PARCC, SAT, ACT, midterms, final exams, SAT Subject tests, clubs, sports, a job, and more.  The August SAT test date provides students an opportunity to take the exam in a less pressure pact season.

    3.   More Test Prep Time: The August 26th SAT allows for students more time to prep at a tutoring center or home.  This gives students the opportunity to show their full potential rather than cramming for the June test.  More prep time equals better scores.  Enough said.

    Summer is a great time to prep for SAT.  Think Tutoring offers both morning and afternoon hours for individualized tutoring.   We are also offering introduction SAT strategy classes for students that just need a little prep before the test.  Lastly, Think Tutoring is even offering Free SAT practice tests in April and July.  Call 973-593-0050 or email Think Tutoring at to register.