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    Students Weak in Reading: What is an Inference?

    As a tutor for nine years, I get this question a lot.  One of my students will always ask, “What is an inference?” 

    If I gave the textbook definition, “a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning,” the student would look at me as if I had two heads.

    Students need to infer in every subject area: reading, math (word problems), science (experimental outcomes), and social studies.  It allows children and even adults to a find a deeper, hidden meaning in the stories we read.

    Instead of giving the textbook definition, I go through these simple steps during a tutoring session.

    1. Relate to the Student 

    Question: If your best friend (Insert Name), comes to school with you one day and he is holding his stomach, sweaty, pale, and didn’t come to school with you the next day, what can you infer?

    Answer: He is sick!

    2. Relate to Life

    Question:  What necessary skill does a detective need to solve a crime?

    Answer: He needs to infer!

    3. Relate to Reading

    An inference is an educated guess.  As a student, your job is to take all the clues in the passage just like a detective and come up with the best answer.

    4. Practice

    Now, it is time to start reading passages and practice inference questions.

    I also remind students that inference questions can look different. Be on the lookout for other words such as conclude, imply, guess, assume, predict, suggest, and even analogous.

    At Think Tutoring, our students learn and master inference skills starting in Pre-K and work on this comprehension skill until our students leave Think Tutoring in 12th grade.  Think Tutoring is offering 15% off our reading programs for the month of March. 

    Call 973-593-0050 for more information. Exclusions apply.


    Needing PARCC to Graduate?

    According to the Burlington County Times, “Beginning with the Class of 2020, the rules will require students to take the Partnership for Assessment and Readiness for College and Careers' language arts grade 10 exam and the algebra I exam to graduate. Beginning with the Class of 2021, students must take and pass grade 10 language arts and algebra I or go through a portfolio process.” Most parents consider the portfolio as a much better representation of their child’s academic career.

    SAT/ACT/PARCCHowever, students are mandated to pass PARCC in order to graduate until 2021.  Some students have opted to submit SAT or ACT scores as a graduation requirement instead of participating in PARCC.

    At Think Tutoring, we offer test preparation and core subject programs in order to prepare for PARCC, SAT or ACT.

    Think Tutoring is offering a free SAT or ACT Practice Test on President’s Day, 2/20, at 10:30am.  Call 973-593-0050 or email us at to register.  We can help your child succeed.


    Prevent Summer Learning Loss: Summer camps and summer tutoring

    According to, research is showing that "for some kids, a few months off in the summer can lead to major setbacks in school, including loss of knowledge and lowered test scores."

    Think Tutoring It is important for students to keep their skills up to avoid loss of confidence and self-esteem when school starts in September.  Many students feel overwhelmed by the work load after three months of summer vacation.

    Think Tutoring believes that practicing math, reading, and writing skills over the summer is the way to go.  Think Tutoring is offering a variety of summer camps, workshops, programs, and assessment days.  We are also keeping our individualized tutoring programs.

    Call 973-593-0050 or email us at to register.  Keep your child confident and motivated for summer.  You will then see As on his report card come September!

     See what we have to offer below!

      Stay in the Mix! Think Summer Camp!

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      Study Skills Workshop (Second Session)

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      Algebra I, II and Geometry Jump Start

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      Persuasive Writing Strategies

    Set Your Own Schedule!



    Our Kids’ New Year’s Resolutions: Tutor, Tutor, Tutor

    As adults, we always make a New Year’s resolution.  We need to eat healthier, lose weight, spend more time with the kids, take a vacation, or to just drink a hot cup of coffee.  Whatever your New Year’s resolution is, we do our best to succeed.  However, when it comes to these resolutions, we often fail.

    New Year's Resolutions

    We forget that our children also make New Year’s resolutions.  At Think Tutoring, I have been hearing our students say, “I want to learn more; I want to get an A in math.”  It is so fulfilling to hear.  However, it is our job as parents and teachers to help fulfill these amazing New Year’s goals.  We don’t want to see our kids fail.  In fact, at Think Tutoring, we want to see them succeed: to boost their confidence and master new skills.

    According to Parents Magazine, for kids, the top New Year’s Resolution (number 1) is to learn new things.  The article mentions a kindergartener who wants to learn new sight words.  It is amazing to hear that a kindergartener has this passion and will to read.  The number two New Year’s resolution is to improve education.  One of students at Think Tutoring even stated, “I want to be success points champion and get my name on the Success Points Hall of Fame.”  In order to do this, our students need to put in great effort, work cooperatively, and get consistent A’s and B’s on their work.  This is truly an amazing goal.

    If you want your child to succeed in his New Year’s resolution, make sure to call Think Tutoring at 973-593-0050 for an assessment.  You can also email us at

    We can pinpoint your student’s weaknesses in math, reading, language arts and writing.  We can then turn their weaknesses into strengths and he will be on the path to accomplishing his New Year’s resolution.  

    Think Tutoring Hall of Fame

    Good Luck on your New Year's Resolution!!!


    Become a Math Major: Your College Degree Pays Off

    It is time for juniors to register for the SAT and ACT tests! Juniors taking the SATs only have the March, May and June test dates and ACT students only have the February, April, and June dates left. 

    Free SAT/ACT Test

    Collegeboard recently released an article that states that higher education pays off.  To get into a good college, we recommend you boost your SAT and ACT scores.  Think Tutoring is offering a free SAT/ACT Assessment on January 15th from 9am-12:30pm.  We will then be offering a free consultation to review your child’s scores, weakest areas of the test, and customized tutoring program.

    Collegeboard also released a list of majors with the greatest earnings potential.  Math and sciences are key.  A Computer science major is listed at $54,000 starting salary. Economics, Finance, Accounting and Mathematics ranged from $42,000-$48,000 as median earnings of early career graduates.  Other majors such as Early Childhood Education ($30,000) do not come close.

    At Think Tutoring, we recommend to master any gaps in mathematics.  Math is all about building blocks.  Your child cannot solve a multi-step equation if he is weak on basic math facts.  Think Tutoring offers math assessments to pinpoint exactly which math skills your child is weak on.  Call Think Tutoring at 973-593-0050 to register your child for a math assessment.