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    Writing Tutoring Programs

    Whether you have an aspiring journalist or your child is experiencing difficulty in basic writing skills, Think Tutoring will help your child develop the skills to prepare them to write their own future.  We offer customized tutoring programs for elementary, middle and high school.

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    These programs focus on The Writing Process, Six Writing Traits, Grammar, and the Expository, Narrative and Persuasive forms of writing. The use of Rubrics (commonly used by teachers for evaluating and scoring writing) are also taught so students understand how their work can benefit from self and peer evaluation. Journal writing is also incorporated into each session to build confidence and effectiveness in everyday writing.

    Language Arts

    For elementary and middle school students who struggle with mechanics, usage and grammar,  Think Tutoring can integrate elements of our Language Arts Program.

    Results You Can See!

    Even in today's electronic world, the importance of a person being able to properly express himself or herself in writing is not only paramount for academic success, but for success throughout life as well. Let Think Tutoring point your child towards a future of effective communications.