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    What Parents Are Saying

    Wow! I am ecstatic to report that overall, Adam improved 260 points on his SAT.  He increased 130 points in reading, 50 in math and 80 in writing.More...

    SAT Prep in Morristown & Florham Park

    Think Tutoring  has helped hundreds of students in Morristown, Florham Park, and other area towns boost their SAT scores up to 350 points!  A majority of our students increase their scores over 170 points.

    Why It's Important

    Grades, strength of curriculum, and test scores are the three most improtant factors that colleges consider for admissions and financial aid.  Your child's success on the SAT can not only determine which schools to which he will be accepted, but how much you will pay for school!

    How We Do It


    Think Tutoring uses only College Board approved tests to identify your student’s skill levels  and to pinpoint areas where the opportunities for score increases are the greatest.

    Learn Strategies

    Our proven techniques for proper “guessing”, process of elimination, time management/pacing and identifying test “traps” are integrated into each lesson.

    Develop Skills

    Our instructors will deliver the program to strengthen math, critical reading and writing skills so that your child scores while at the same time prepares them for success in college.  Our program utilizes a variety of learning materials, specifically chosen to meet your son or daughter's specific needs.


    Ongoing quizzes, practice tests and review of missed questions will get your student focused, motivated, and ready for test day.

    Check out our SAT Prep Program features or call us at 973-593-0050 for more information