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    SAT Prep Can Save You Money!

    SAT Prep Options in NJ

    Parents of students planning to take the SAT are faced with a number of options for getting their child sat prep morris county njready for the test.  The choices can be confusing and at times a bit overwhelming, particularly if this is the first time they are going through the process.  Things  to consider:

    1. Small group, large class, or private tutor.  As we have discussed previously in this blog, there are pros and cons for each.
    2. The reputation of the program or tutor.   It's important that parents do a little homework to see if a program or tutor has the track record to help your child.
    3. Costs.  In the New Jersey area,  some SAT prep classes cost as little as $400, and private tutors as much as $150 per hour.

    How Much Should Parents Spend on SAT Prep?

    For some parents, money is no object, and they wrongly assume that the more money they spend, the better the results.  For others,  money is a serious factor, but before settling for the cheapest alternative,  typically a large class with between 20 and 30 students, these parents should understand that a little up-front investment can pay handsome dividends over the next four years.

    Consider the experience of a recent Think Tutoring customer who recently wrote to us:

    "Just wanted to share some good news with you and to say thanks for everything. Our daughter Brittany was tutored by you prior to her SATs in March of 2012. She took the exam one time only, hit the goals we established, and got into five excellent schools (four offered substantial scholarship money as well). She is thrilled to be going to the University of Wisconsin in Madison in August. Your help made the process so much less painful – smooth sailing all the way. I have been wanting to reach out to you to let you know and to say how great it was working with your team. Sincerely, Beth (mother of Brittany Glassberg – Chester, NJ)"

    While there is no publicly available formula,  we do know  that colleges consider grade point average, class rank, strength of curriculum and SAT/ACT scores as the key criteria for admissions and merit-based financial aid (grants).  Further, because merit-based awards are made for all four years of undergraduate, even a modest award of $3000 translates into a total of $12,000  savings -- something to consider before you plunk down either $400 for a large class, or $10,000 for "the best money can buy."

    At Think Tutoring, we offer affordable individualized SAT Prep and ACT Prep programs that deliver results.  Over 50% of our students improve over 170 points, and many are in the 250-300 range, score increases that have saved parents thousands of dollars.   For more information on how we can help your child get into his first choice college while saving you money, contact us at 973-593-0050.



    Reader Comments (1)

    We also used Think Tutoring for SAT Prep. Our son Leo improved his score 330 points overall and got a 720 on math -- a 130 point improvement alone. This translated into many acceptances that we didn't expect as well as a merit-based award of $6000 per year from Northeastern - which will save us $24,000 over four years.

    May 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMatt Poggie

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