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    math tutor

    Math Tutoring 

    Has your child fallen behind in math?

    Does homework take much longer than it should?

    Has your child lost confidence?


    Math Doesn't Have to be Difficult...

    And with the Think Tutoring  Math Program, it won't be.  Our proven curriculum helps students  improve their basic math skills, computational ability and the use of math in a variety of practical applications.  Our program uniquely builds up each deficient skill, concept by concept. 

    Results That Are Proven

    Think Tutoring math students average a 1.9 grade level improvement in just 3 months!

    Program Features

    • Diagnostic Assessment that identifies strengths and weakness 
    • Customized learning plans, proven curriculum
    • Flexible schedules 
    • Instruction by state-certified teachers

    Improve In Discreet Skill Areas

    Think Tutoring will help develop your child's skills in basic math facts, computation and concepts & applications. >>Read more about our math tutoring programs...

    Success Breeds Confidence

    Students who enroll in the Think Tutoring basic math program average a 1.9 grade level improvement in just 3 months. Give your child a boost in math and watch their grades and confidence soar!  Call 973-593-0050 for a FREE Consultation to see how your child can improve in math.