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    Summer Programs


    Besides our individualized tutoring programs, Think Tutoring is offering summer camps, free assessment days, and a variety of summer programs and workshopsMorning and afternoon tutoring hours available.  Call 973-593-0050 to register!

    At First Glance

      Stay in the Mix! Think Summer Camp! 

    Set Your Own Schedule!

      STEM Camp


      Free SAT and ACT Assessments


      Study Skills Workshop (First Session)


      Free ISEE and SSAT Assessments


      Intro SAT Reading Class


      Intro SAT Math Class


      College Application Essay Workshop


      Intro ACT Math/Science Class


      Intro ACT Reading/English Class


      Study Skills Workshop (Second Session)


      Algebra I, II and Geometry Jump Start

    Set Your Own Schedule!

      Persuasive Writing Strategies

    Set Your Own Schedule!


    Stay in the Mix! Think Summer Day Camp! (Grades 2-8)

    Summer is a great opportunity to enhance your skills.  Stay in the Mix! Summer Camp allows your child to learn new math, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills.  You do not have to choose one subject.  You can focus on all of them.  Learn more...

    Summer SAT and ACT Prep

    The first ACT occurs in September.  The SAT takes place in October.  Think Prep this summer.  Think Tutoring.  Learn more about our Summer SAT and ACT programs as well as our Free Assessment dates! Learn more...

    ISEE and SSAT Prep

    If you are considering private school for your child, Think Tutoring's ISEE and SSAT Prep programs can make a difference.  Learn more...

    Study Skils Workshops (Grades 5-9)

    There is no substitute for effective study skills.  Think Tutoring's mini workshop is being offered twice this summer! Learn more...

    Algebra I, II, and Geometry Jump Start Programs

    Summer is an ideal time for your child to stay in front of the pack when school starts in September.  With the benefit of our formal Algebra and Geometry Programs, your high school student can confidently take control of math this year.  Learn more...

    Persusive Writing Strategies (Grades 4-8)

    Great writing is essential for academic success in middle school, high school, and college.  Our summer workshop can jumpstart the develelopment of these essential skills. Learn more...

    College Application Essay (Grades 11-12)

    Besides grades and SAT scores, colleges and universities take into account your college application essay.  What do you want the readers of your application to know about you?  Learn more...