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    Language Arts Tutoring: Think About A Better Command of Language!

    If your child struggles with word usage, creating sentences and paragraph development, our Language language arts tutorArts program is the perfect answer.  Developing a command of language and the written word --  early in a student's education -- can accelerate a child's success in school, year after year. 

    Our program, which includes comprehensive skills assessments and customized lesson plans, will set your student on a path to clear, concise and unambiguous writing. 

    Improvements You Can See!

    • Grammatically sound sentences
    • Better word choice and correct spelling
    • Correct capitalization and punctuation
    • No more run on sentences; ideas that are written clearly and succinctly
    • Proper use of adjectives and adverbs that add color and vitality to ideas
    • Correct paragraph development with clear topic sentences and appropriate supporting detail.
    • Your child's increased confidence as he tackles writing tasks that were previously the source of frustration and dread.

    Language Arts Program Features

    The Think Tutoring Language Arts Program addresses the skill areas of grammar, mechanics, usage, vocabulary, and sentences & paragraphs for students in grades 3 through 8. 

    Your child's writing will improve.  Still not sure?  Give us a call at 973-593-0050 to discuss your child's needs with one of our education advisors.

    Reviews from Parents!

    Think Tutoring has been great in helping my 10-year-old son improve his language arts skills, especially writing...after just 10 weeks of tutoring, we're all seeing significant progress in his work, including increased confidence in himself. The staff is great, professional and very responsive. --Melissa B. Madison, NJ  More...

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