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    Help With Reading: Beyond NJ ASK Testing

    Standardized Testing in NJ

    Once again, we are fast approaching standardized testing time in NJ, when students in in grades 3-8 take a series of test that measure their proficiency in math, language arts (reading and writing) and science.   For some background on the NJ ASK test, checkout out our earlier blog post.

    The NJ ASK test is a political hot potato.  Born from the No Child Left Behind law enacted in 2003, its primary objective is to measure school performance --- and to use these measurements  to remediate under performing schools and school districts.  Still, most parents would be well served to pay close attention to how well their children score on these tests;  they may, in fact, provide my the most reliable indicators on how your child is developing their skills in school.

    At Think Tutoring, standardized testing is at the core of how we gauge a students strengths and weaknesses -- and develop personalized learning plans.  For example, before enrolling in our reading tutoring program at Florham Park center, students are tested in the following areas:

    • Phonics
    • Receptive Vocabulary (which measures a child's understanding of spoken words)
    • Functional Vocabulary (understanding words within text)
    • Comprehension
    • Oral Fluency
    • Speed

    This battery of tests, in fact, goes far beyond what is measured by the reading test within the NJ ASK.   Moreover, in addition to identifying the deficit skill areas (for example -- inferencing and sequencing comprehension skills) our scoring algorithms determine grade level equivalency, that is,  the grade level at which your child is performing.   Most signficantly, however,  our test results are usually consistent with the NJASK results that students achieve.

    Why Wait?

    Most parents of struggling students don't need the results of a standardized test to tell them what they already know -- Their child needs help.  Time is the enemy.  NJ ASK testing takes place in May, and the results are usually not provided until late August or September.  Why not take action now?  Call Think Tutoring at 973-593-0050 to take schedule a skills assessment for your child.



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