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    Math Tutoring in the Parsippany & Whippany Area


    At Think Tutoring, We Take the Mystery Out of Math!


    The Think Tutoring Basic Math Program helps students learn age and grade-level appropriate math skills in three areas of instruction:

    Basic Math Facts
    Concepts & Applications

    Our program also encourages students to communicate in mathematical terms in all areas of instruction. Mastering these skills provides students with the math foundation they need for advancement to higher level math classes.

    Basic Math Facts




    Concepts & Applications

    In Basic Math Facts, students learn and master basic single digit operations in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Our tutors provide the math help your child needs to develop accuracy and speed, which translates into confidence and success. Having acquired the basic math skills, the student moves on to complex math operations with proficiency and confidence.


    In Computation, students learn core computation skills in whole number operations, fractions, decimals, and at some levels, integers, percentages, and pre-algebraic expressions. Success in these areas leads to future success in Algebra and Geometry.


    In Concepts & Applications, the student becomes familiar with concept formation, reasoning, and problem solving. The specific math skills include: numeration, fraction concepts, decimal concepts, estimating, basic measurement concepts, geometry measurement concepts, problem solving, exponents, graphics, probability and statistics, and ratios, to name a few.


    Results That Are Proven

    Think Tutoring math students average a 1.9 grade level improvement in just 3 months!

    Program Features

    • Diagnostic Assessment that identifies strengths and weakness 
    • Customized learning plans, proven curriculum
    • Flexible schedules 
    • Instruction by state-certified teachers

    Take the Next Step

    Your child's improved grades and confidence are just a step a way.  Call 973-593-0050 for a FREE Consultation to see how your child can improve in math.